To date a Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund hasn’t been established and vaccine injuries are dealt with via a Medical Negligence Claim.

If a person has suffered loss, injury or deterioration of an existing condition due to negligence by the health services in Ireland, they may be eligible to claim for compensation via a Medical Negligence Claim.
More than half of all hospital negligence cases originate in an emergency room (ER) and most of these are due to incorrect diagnosis or failure to act. Settlements are commonly negotiated out of court but because making a claim is so complicated, a solicitor is required to act on behalf of the claimant. If there is no response from the defendant to the solicitor’s claim, a HSE review can be requested. The 4 main components, when assessing the amount of financial compensation to be paid to a successful claimant, are:
pain and suffering
emotional trauma
loss of amenity

Making a Medical Negligence Claim in the case of an adverse reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine, is quite problematic. It requires hiring the services of a solicitor and consequently, the considerable consumption of resources, particularly time and money, which in most cases of medical injury are already under pressure.

Why are we worried?

Up to 31st March 2023 43.3 thousand people did not receive a second COVID-19 primary vaccination dose. In total 3,864,145 received first dose and 3,820,825 received second dose. We don’t know the reasons behind it, but we may suspect adverse reactions. All those who decided to get the vaccinated expected to receive two doses in order to be fully vaccinated.

Also worrying is the decrease in the number of those taking the booster injection, down from 3,819,941 fully vaccinated to only 3,054,252 who got their first booster, leaving us with 765,689 refusing any booster dose.

It shows us that the vaccine injuries are reported to the same extent nor to the same degree of severity as they should be. The people in Ireland seem not to be aware of the facility for reporting adverse reactions nor that they have a responsibility to do so.
With such low awareness, it is impossible to fully establish the safety of the following boosters.